Carbinox Smartwatch in Focus: An In-Depth Analysis and Review

Carbinox Smartwatch

A classy and durable watch can take your overall look up a few notches, and if you’re someone who believes in making a subtle statement with your watches, we have the hottest must-have for your collection! Carbinox Smartwatch prides itself not only on its sturdy built quality but also on its premium look and quality. They recently launched the brand new Carbinox Smartwatch and it is the latest talk of the town. But is the Carbinox Smartwatch worth the investment- keep reading to find out!

About the Carbinox Smartwatch:

With its sleek design and durable built quality, the Carbinox Smartwatch is one of the most exciting new launches of the year. Carbinox is known to create some of the best quality watches in the market, and this is no different. We have listed all the features, functions, and information about the design of the Carbinox below, keep reading to know if this smartwatch is worth your money!

·       *Built Quality & Design:

The aerospace-grade aluminium body and titanium Benzel give Carbinox smartwatch outstanding durability, and it can withstand shock, changing temperature, and atmospheric pressure, and pull through even in the roughest weather. The stainless steel buckle and the waterproof band also boast the signature Carbinox durability.

It also comes with IPX7 water resistance, up to a depth of 100 metres, which makes it the perfect smartwatch to use while swimming & other water sports. Its sleek and slim body gives it the feel of a classic watch but with a modern twist on it. The touchscreen display makes it user-friendly, and it also comes with physical buttons for easy navigation.

The Carbinox also comes with a 350 mAh battery that gives you a battery backup of up to 45 days, and its Bluetooth 5.0 connection makes it compatible with both Android & iOS. But its biggest selling point is its nrF52840 processor, which sets it apart from most smartwatches in the market, and an added storage of 128 MB.

·       *Display:

The Carbinox touchscreen display is made with Gorilla Glass, and its 1.70 inches large and 270-pixel-per-inch resolution clear screen ensures. It is not only easy to use but also visible, even under direct sunlight. The full-colour display and several in-built watch faces give the Carbinox its signature sporty and sleek look, instead of a monotone and boring one.

·   *Functions:

The Carbinox Smartwatch is a great mix of a typical sports watch and a classic wristwatch. It comes with various sports mode that helps you be on track on your next adventure, and the in-built alarm and stopwatch come as a bonus to help you track your progress.

 Features of Carbinox Smartwatch:

·   *Sports Mode:

The Carbinox Smartwatch is every sportsperson’s dream come true, and it comes equipped with various sports modes to help you track your progress. Be it basketball, running, tennis, swimming, football, or any other sport, the Carbinox is sure to help you keep an accurate count of your calorie burn, steps, heart rate, and overall progress throughout your physical activity.

·       *Body Monitoring:

The Carbinox Smartwatch is not only great at tracking your sports progress but also your physical health. It helps you keep a record of your oxygen level, blood pressure & heart rate all in real-time, 24 hours a day! It also comes with options to keep track of your sleep, inactive time and even aids in your breath training.

·   *Notifications:

We previously talked about the stunning display quality and features of the Carbinox, but its smart ability to show you real-time notifications and its feature of accepting & rejecting calls makes it a very handy device when you don’t have your mobile phone on you. Be it text notifications, or notifications from social media apps, Carbinox has got you covered.

Our Final Thoughts:

Carbinox has always been a reputed name in the market, and this Smartwatch is a must-have if you’re looking to buy a new watch. Right from its design to the most basic functions on it, the Carbinox has proven that it is not another basic sports watch, but a smartwatch made for the adventurous and the classy crowd.

Not only is it very affordable, but the sleek design, durable built quality, gorilla glass display, and added sports and body-monitoring features makes sure you get the best bang for your buck. We strongly recommend it if you’re looking to add a cool and equally useful smartwatch to your collection, this one is sure to get you some compliments!

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